Liquor Delivery Toronto

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Liquor Delivery grew from its modest beginnings in December 2007 to a renowned retail liquor store. 

Our welcoming store, which is family-run and located in Toronto, offers a sizable yet thoughtfully chosen assortment of items and excellent customer service. 

We extend a special welcome to devoted residents and guests from all over the globe and strongly emphasize goods created in Canada. 

Our primary motivation is to spread our enthusiasm for excellent beverages and inspire our clients to partake responsibly.

Patricia Street:     

Sunday: 12pm – 7pm

Monday: 11 pm – 8 pm

Tuesday: 11 pm – 8 pm

Wednesday: 11 pm – 8 pm

Thursday: 11 pm – 8 pm

Friday & Saturday: 11 pm – 9 pm

Connaught Drive:

Sunday to Thursday: 10am – 8pm    

Friday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm

Postponed until Fall 2022

Thank you for your patience, and please visit us in store or schedule click and collect pickup.

All our terms and procedures related to shipping and local delivery can be found on our Shipping Policies page.

The point of our e-commerce website is to sell you the items we have in-store and to make the shopping experience seamless, reliable, and satisfying. If we find that a product you ordered is out of stock, our knowledgeable Customer Service team members will help complete your order by calling you or sending you a direct message. You may always cancel your order if items are found out of stock for some reason after you complete the purchase. If you do not see an item on our site that you wish to purchase, please contact the store and we’ll go hunting for you.  Please visit Liquor Delivery Store to see a full list of what’s available to be ordered in Toronto.